How much does it really cost to rent an apartment in Tbilisi?

Apartment Prices in Tbilisi might suprise you!

Prices of apartments in Tbilisi can fluctuate at different times of the year. In 2023, the main reason for the price hike of Tbilisi real estate was geopolitics. Ukraine - Russia conflict resulted in increasing migration of wealthy people from both countries to georgia. The migrants bet big to secure their own residence in the capital and hence the georgian real estate market could not meet the increasing demands. Due to this reason the market was in a boom.

Apart from the Ukraine-Russia conflict several other minor factors also play a role when determining the price of the apartment. One of the more noticebale factors is the price increase of apartment during shifting season of university students. A decent single bedroom house that would rent for 500$ before shifting season would easily rent for 700$ during the shifting season.

Apartments in tbilisi tend to be more expensive in Prime locations like Vake, Marjanishvili & Rustaveli. Moreover apartments which are close to Shopping Malls, Universities and Schools tend to be more expensive than others. Consider all these factors when deciding if the listed price of a particular apartment is actually worth it next time you house hunt!